What We Are: A place for volunteers and those who need help to connect and solve customer service problems. For volunteers, it’s a place to take your experiences and know-how and pay it forward to those who might be dealing with the same struggles. If you need help, we’re here to help you find the resources you need.

What We Do: It depends on the situation, but here's a sampling of what we might be able to help you do: Suggest questions to ask, explain how systems work, walk people through websites (because we know so many are incredibly confusing and are poorly designed), explain terms and definitions, look up phone numbers, addresses and social media customer service handles, help draft a letter, direct you to the right person (or title) to speak to, suggest talking points for a conversation

What We Don't Do: Yell, make a scene, belittle or otherwise act disrespectful. We will suggest tactics that can solve problems based on the prior experiences and the specialized expertise of our volunteers — and we're always civil. 

How It Works: Those who have a customer service problem fill out a form detailing the issue. If there's a match, a vetted Asshole will get back to try and find a solution. Sometimes, it's just about knowing what questions to ask or who to talk to.